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Essential jazz strings discography

by Paula Zeitlin for the IAJE String Caucus. Edited my Martin Norgaard. Used by permission from the IAJE String Caucus.

The following discography was created in 2002. For updated information on the history of bowed strings in jazz please check Anthony Barnett's website.

In Historical Order 

* in print and available

** historical importance




Jazz String/Mixed Ensembles


Stuff Smith (Hezekiah Leroy Gordon Smith)

*Stuff Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson Verve MGV 8214 (1957)

**Complete Stuff Smith Verve Sessions (4-CD set), Mosaic Records MD4-186 Polygram 1999

*Hot Swing Fiddle Classics (with Svend Asmussen, Emilio Caceras): Folklyric (Arhoolie) 9025

*Hot Violins (with Venuti, Grappelli, Caceres and others): ABC Records 836 049-2

*Stuff Smith: Hot Violins (with Asmussen, Poul Olsen): Storyville STCD 4170

*Together! (with Herb Ellis): Koch Jazz KOC 3-7805-2

*Violins No End (with Grappelli 1957): Pablo OJCCD-890-2
**Violin Summit (w/ Asmussen, Grappelli, Smith, Ponty) MPS 821303-2

*Stuff Smith and His Onyx Club Boys,  three CDs: *1936-39: , *1939-44: , and *1944-46 : Jazz Chronological Classics

Live in Paris, 1965: Notre Music, France, FCD120

*Live at the Monmarte, (1965) , Storyville

*Mad Genius of the Violin, Vol. I, Jazz Archives, 1997.

Joe Venuti

*Stringin’ the Blues (with Eddie Lang and the Blue Four):Koch Jazz KOC-CD-7888

**Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang, Vol. 1 and 2:  JSP Records, CD309

*Joe Venuti: Violin Jazz 1927-34:  Yazoo 1062

*Joe in Chicago 1978: Flying Fish (1993)

The Best of Joe Venuti: Chiaroscuro CR 145

*Hot Sonatas (with Earl Hines), 1975: Chiaroscuro CR 145

*The Essential Joe Venuti: Vanguard Classics (1995)

*Joe Venuti/Stephane Grappelli: Venupelli Blues, LeJazz 18.

*see also: recordings of Venuti and Zoot Sims, Tony Romano, Dave McKenna

Ray Nance

*The Duke Ellington Jazz Violin Sessions (w/Grappelli, Asmussen) available as part of Duke Ellington, The Reprise Studio Recordings: Mosaic MD5-193

*Jazz-Club Violin (w/Grappelli, Ponty, Urbaniak, Venuti, Smith, Seifert, and others)

Verve 840 039-2

Eddie South

**Eddie South 1923-1937:  Classics 707

**Eddie South 1937-1941:  Classics 737

**Black Gypsy, 1927-34:  Frog 36

**Dark Angel of the Fiddle (with Billy Taylor):  Soundies 4120

Svend Asmussen

**Violin Summit (w/ Asmussen, Grappelli, Smith, Ponty) MPS 821303-2
June Night:  Dr.Jazz FW 3915

*Two of a Kind (w/Grappelli): Story STCD 4088

**Svend Asmussen, Musical Miracle Vol I:  1935-40:  Phontastic, PHONT CD 9306, 1994.

**Svend Asmussen, Phenomenal Fiddler Vol. 2: 1941-50:  Phontastic, PHONT CD 9310, 1995.

**Fiddler Supreme:  Intim Musik 6, Sweden, IMOGE XIM006 (out of print, but available)

*John Lewis and Svend Asmussen: European Encounter:  Atlantic 90533-2

*Svend Asmussen Quartet:  Fit as a Fiddle:  Dacapo 9429

*Fiddling Around (1994)  IMOGE XIG039

*Still Fiddling (2002) Storyville

Stephane Grappelli

You can’t go wrong with practically any Grappelli record--and there are hundreds.

*Quintet of the Hot Club of France:  GNP Crescendo or EPM157522

*Live at the Blue Note (3-CD set, 1999): Telarc

**Djangology (w/Django Reinhart):  RCA Bluebird 9988

Djangologie #1-16 (w/Django Reinhart): EMI/Pathe CO54-16001 to 16016

**Violin Summit (w/ Asmussen, Grappelli, Smith, Ponty) MPS 821303-2
*85 and Still Swinging:  Stephane Grappelli Live at Carnegie Hall, the 85th Birthday Concert:   Angel CDC0777

**Stephane Grappelli 1935-1940: Classics 708, 1941-1943: Classics 779

Harry Lookofsky

A remarkable violinist who did not improvise, but played written-out solos as though he did.

Stringsville:  Koch Jazz (to be reissued Fall 200l)

Johnny Frigo

*I Got Rhythm (3-CD set, 1973): Black Lion

*Debut of a Legend: Chesky JD119

*Johnny Frigo with Bucky and John Pizzarelli, Ron Carter:  Chesky JDI

*Live at the Floating Jazz Festival: (1999) Chiaroscuro 358

*Live From Studio A in New York City (1989):  Chesky 1

Joe Kennedy Jr.

*Strings by Candlelight (1998)

*Falling in Love With Love (1998)

*Accentuate the Positive (with Toots Thielmans, 1998): Consolidated Artists Prod. 923

Where’ve You Been? (with Billy Taylor):  Concord Jazz CJ145

Listen to the Ahmad Jamal Quintet:  Argo 673 (out of print)

Claude Williams

*Swingtime in New York:  Progressive PCD-7093

*Swingin’ the Blues:  Bullseye Blues 9627

*Call for the Fiddler (1994): STEEP SCCD31051

*Live at J’s Vol. I and II (1993): Arhoolie 405, 406

Summit 88: Huiksi Music, POB 495, NYC, NY.

Jean-Luc Ponty

Ponty has recorded extensively--these are only a few.

**Violin Summit (w/ Asmussen, Grappelli, Smith, Ponty) MPS 821303-2
**Le Voyage: The Jean-Luc Ponty Anthology (two-CD set, recorded between 1975-1985, and in 1993):  Rhino (1996) 72155

*Stephane Grappelli & Jean-Luc Ponty:  Verve, 35320

*King Kong (w/Frank Zappa):  World Pacific 20172, or Blue Note Records 89539

*Live at Chene Park:  Atlantic Jazz 82964

*Live at Donte’s:  Blue Note (1996) 35635

**Aurora (1990), Rhino 19158

*Cosmic Messenger (1987): Rhino19189

*Best of the Pacific Years (2001):  Blue Note 30815

**Sunday Walk.(1967) LP. MPS 20645, 1972. Partly available on Jean-Luc Ponty
& Stephane Grappelli, Compact Jazz: MPS 835 320-2
*More Than Meets the Ear (1969). One Way Records 17605

*Humair-Louiss-Ponty (1968): Dreyfus Jazz, FDM 36515-2, 1997.

John Blake

**Quest:  Sunnyside SSC1058D

*Epic Ebony Journey (Avery Sharpe/ John Blake Duo):  JKNM Records, 1997

A New Beginning:  Gramavision 8808-4  (hard to find, but worth it)

Twinkling of an Eye: Gramavision 8501-1

Rhythm & BLU (w/Didier Lockwood, Michael Urbaniak): LP, Gramavision 8608-1

See also recordings with Steve Turre and others.

Zbigniew Seifert

**Man of the Light:  (1976)  Pausa 707 (out of print)

Solo Violin:  EMI Electrola C066-45088

Passion: (1978) LP, Capitol Records ST-11923 (out of print)

Jerry Goodman

*Ariel (2000): One Way Records 35148

**On the Future of Aviation:  One Way Records 35147

*It's Alive: One Way Records 2026

**Birds of Fire (the Mahavishnu Orchestra)( 1973): Legacy 66081

Also see other recordings with Mahavishnu or John McLaughlin.

Didier Lockwood

*Tribute to Stephane Grappelli (2000) : Dreyfus 36611

*Storyboard:  Koch (1997), Dreyfus  36582

*New World (1998)

Out of the Blue:  JMS Records (1996)

Charlie Burnham

Time Never Lies (String Trio of New York) :  Stash 544

Matt Glaser

*Play Fiddle Play:  (1990)  Flying Fish 7055

See also with *Wayfaring Strangers, Shifting Sands of Time (2001): Rounder Records

Darol Anger

Jazz Violin Celebration. Kaleidoscope F-22 with David Balakrishnan, Matt Glaser, also Mike Marshall, Rob Wasserman, Mike Wollenberg

Let Them Say (with Montreax), Windham Hill 1090
Dawg Grass/Dawg Jazz Warner Brothers 32804-1
Hot Dawg (with David Grisman Quintet and Stephane Grappelli) A&M Horizon

*See also recordings with Turtle Island, David Grisman Quintet, Mike Marshall, DAMM Band, Comotion  and solo albums.

Leroy Jenkins

*Live!:  Black Saint 120122-2

*Mixed Quartet:  Black Saint (1997)

*Lifelong Ambitions (1981):  Black Saint (1993)

**Urban Blues: Leroy Jenkins/Sting (1984):  Black Saint 120083, (1994)

**Swift are the Winds of Life (1975): Knitclassics 3026, (2000)

Billy Bang

*Rainbow Gladiator (1997):  Soul Note 1016

*A Tribute to Stuff Smith (1993)

*Billy Bang with Sun Ra:  Soul Note 121216

*Big Bang Theory:  Justin Time  135 (2000)

*Commandment:  No More 5(1997)

*Bang On (1997): Justin Time 105

*The Fire From Within (1985):  Soul Note 1086

*Natural Balance (String Trio of New York):  Black Saint BSR 0098 CD

Regina Carter

*Freefall (with Kenny Barron) Uptown/Universal (2001)

 *Motor City Moments:  Verve  543927 (2000)

*Rhythms of the Heart:  Verve 547177 (1999)

*Something for Grace: Atlantic Jazz 82975-2

*Regina Carter:  Atlantic 82750

*Blues...? (1977):  Black Saint 120 148

Intermobility (String Trio of New York):  Arabesque AJ0108  See other recordings with  String Trio of New York, Steve Turre, Danilo Perez, and other artists.

Michal Urbaniak

*Polish Jazz V. 9 (1998): PLN, PNCDD0074

*Constellation (1995) POWEB PB119

*Manhattan Man: Milan 35612-2 (out of print, but available)

*Fusion (1974):  Legacy Records  65525(1998)

Mat Maneri

*Trinity (2001): ECM Records 543 444

*Blue Decco (2000):  Thirsty Ear Recordings 57092

*Mat Maneri Trio: Fifty-One Sorrows:  Leo Records 278 (1999)

See also recordings with Steve Lentner, Randy Peterson, Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Natraj

Mark Feldman

*Dave Douglas: A Thousand Evenings:  BMG 09026-63698-2 (2000) See other recordings with Douglas:  Charms of the Night Sky, Convergence

*John Abercrombie: Open Land:  ECM 1683 (1999)

also with Chromatic Persuaders: Extrospection (1998): Timescraper Music 9619

Diane Monroe

*String Trio of New York, Faze Phour: A Twenty-Year Retrospective (1998): Black Saint 120168 

Alfredo de la Fe

*Latitudes: Viva discos, Int. (2000) Universal Records 450

*Alfredo (2000): LPMUS 107

 There are many more current AND important players not listed here--check out jazz violin/strings websites on the internet for most updated information!

David Balakrishnan, Tracy Silverman, Danny Seidenberg, Irene Sazer, Evan Price:  See Turtle Island String Quartet


Will Taylor

*Simple Gifts

Reel Life:  Amazing Records

Will Taylor and Jazz Menagerie, Live from Austin:  Cymekob Records (1996)

Debbie Spring

Ocean Drive:  Heads Up 3009

Irene Sazer

See Turtle Island String Quartet  recordings, and under her own name.

Jim Nolet

With You (2000):

Syzgny:  Cathexis 6 (1999)  (also plays violin)


**See also Svend Asmussen, Leroy Jenkins, Mat Maneri and other violinists who record on viola.


Mark Summer

*See all Turtle Island String Quartet recordings. Most out of print.

*TISQ Retrospective: Windham Hill

Hank Roberts

*22 Years From Now (2000) : Level Green 22001

*I’ll Always Remember (1998, 2000):  Level Green 22002

*Cause and Reflect (1998, 2000):  Level Green 22004

*Little Motor People : Polydor (1993)

*Look Out for Hope (w/Bill Frisell): ECM1350

Black Pastels:  JMT 8820016

David Baker

*Concerto for Cello and Jazz Band:*21st Century Bebop Band:  Laurel 503

Oscar Pettiford

though known as a bassist, he  was an early cello innovator.

*Septet:  Original Jazz Classics, (1999)

*Oscar Pettiford Sextet (1954, 1999) : Original Jazz Classics 1926

*Deep Passion (1994):  GRP Records 143

My Little Cello:  Fantasy Records (You may find this music on the LP New Oscar Pettiford Sextet, Debut Records )JC-112 (DLP-8)

Erik Friedlander

*Skin (2000): Siam Records 50008

*Topaz (1999)  Siam Records  50003

*Chimera:  Avant (1995)

*Live Wood (with Marty Ehrlich’s Dark Wood Ensemble): Music and Arts, CD986

See other recordings with Dark Wood Ensemble and Dave Douglas.

Fred Katz

*Chico Hamilton Quintet, Reunion (1989):  Soul Note 1191 (1993)

Chico Hamilton Quintet:  World Pacific Records WP-1225

Chico Hamilton Quintet with Strings Attached (1959):  Warner Bros 1245


Matt Turner

Outside In, with John Harmon, piano (2001). Stellar Sound Productions. STL 1011


Harry Babasin

Harry Babasin and His Jazz Pickers (1957): V.S.O.P.

Up in Dodo’s Room: The Complete Dial Sessions: Jazz Classic Records, 6008

Jazz String/Mixed Ensembles

Hot Club of France

Uptown String Quartet

Turtle Island String Quartet

David Grisman Quintet

String Trio of New York

Greene String Quartet

Soldier String Quartet

Leroy Jenkins and Sting

Really Eclectic String Quartet (RESQ)

Masada String Trio


Soweto String Quartet


European String Quartet

Black Swan Quartet

Dark Woods Ensemble.... and many more


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