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Jazz  Wizard Junior book 1
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Jazz Fiddle Wizard

Stringin' the Blues
(grade 3.5)
Swing on a String
(grade 3)
Swing There, Done That
(grade 2.5)

STRING QUARTET MUSIC: Jammin' Jazz Standards


Syllabus 1
Syllabus 2

Seifert Interview


Norgaard, Rufus Reid, Nicole Norgaard, and Jonna Norgaard at the JEN conference in New Orleans, 2017. 

Welcome to JazzFiddleWizard.com

EDUCATION: Dr. Norgaard is Assistant Professor of Music Education (strings) at Georgia State University in Atlanta. For more information see http://www.music.gsu.edu/

SERVICE: I was honored to serve as Member-at-Large on the National Board of the American String Teachers Association for a two years from 2010-2012.

BASS PARTS: You can now download bass parts to the pieces in Book 1 here (Book 2 includes bass parts). Wizard Blues is a great beginning bass tune. The bass part ONLY uses open strings and 2nd finger!

HANDOUTS: Here are handouts from some of the sessions I have presented click.

ORCHESTRA ARRANGEMENTS: My newest composition for string orchestra was just published by Alfred. It is based on my original jazz tune Molecules and Stars. In addition, I have  FJH Music Company has published three of my orchestra arrangements. Check the new Video Page to see students perform this and one of the arrangements from Junior book 1.

BOOK NEWS: The book 2 in the Wizard Junior series is now available. Check Junior pages for more info.

HISTORY: Please check out the interview with my favorite modern Jazz Violinist Zbigniew Seifert and the discography just added.

THE BOOK: The step by step jazz violin instruction book and CD  Jazz Fiddle Wizard  is published by MEL BAY PUBLICATIONS. The book should be available at your local music store. Check here for more ordering information. I am starting to get feedback from string teachers and post reviews as soon as they appear. I'm also getting more questions. Check out the FAQ page. I just added an education section showcasing how I use Jazz Fiddle Wizard in college level classes and advice on how to use it at home.

THE CD: A Music-Minus-One CD is included with all my books. They provide full rhythm section accompaniment for all exercises and tunes.

THE RADIO STATION: I have put part of my extensive jazz violin record collection online as an online radio station. Listen Now.

AUDIO: Download free tracks and listen to samples in mp3 and RealAudio on the Audio Page

I would like to thank Sean C. Gallager, Jeff Thorneycroft, Ron Ault and Jorge Vasconcelos for help with design, graphics and photos for this web site.

Thanks for visiting JazzFiddleWizard.com.

Martin Norgaard March 17, 2017.

Martin Norgaard conducting the Memphis all-city honors orchestra October 2004


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